Problems with force feedback on iphone

Recently i added force feedback to my game, it works fine on android. But for some reason never works on iphone.
Anybody has clue why iphone does not want to vibrate at all?

Hi Nawrot,

Sorry if this seems like an obvious question, but does your device vibrate for services unrelated to your project? Also, what kind of device are you using?

Its new iphone 6 plus.

Yes other games can do it.
For eg. “sky force” has vibrations.

There is also strange moire and texture corruption on one of my materials.
But i think its my fault of using world coordinate material.
I will make new post about texture corruption when i find out what causes it (and if it is supported).
This material is fine on nvidia shield, but corrupted on iphone and older samsung phone.

because you need permission to access the vibration for iOS