Problems with Event Actor Begin Play

Hello! I am new in the object-oriented programming languages and sometimes I get stuck and I can’t figure out some stuff without guidance.

I have a question about the Actor begin play Event (and the other events in general).

So let me give you some back story on what I am trying to achieve.
I want to make a spell, that is mostly complete (spawning the particles/hitbox, spawning in the correct locations, the interaction with the AI), except a part.
I want, when the actor is created to create 5 collision boxes in total with a small delay between them. You may ask why?
The answer is that I want when the enemy that is in the collision of the spell to get hit periodically(5 times max) but if he left the collision of the spell to stop getting hit.
That means that the enemy might get hit once, twice, or even 5 times but we do not know that.

I think that this is the solution for this(and I would like to hear if there is a more practical way to achieve it other then that).

The EventBeginPlay though doesn’t work. It does nothing and I don’t know why.

In conclusion, I think it has something to do between the communication of the player and the actor and it kinda confuses how to set a proper communication between those two(or some other completely different actors) and searching the web didn’t help that much.

I would definitely appreciate your help and your advice!

Ok, but how is adding collision boxes going to trigger anything?

The spell consists of two phases. The first phase is the casting phase where I want all this to happen and the second phase of the explosion that works as intended and removes some health.
basically I thought that adding 5 separate collisions in phase 1 it would be able to make the enemy trigger their collision 5 different times and removing their health in the process but I also wanted to make sure that if the enemy leaves the casting area and no longer collides with the collision box to stop getting hit.

The enemy has an EventActorBeginOverlap and checks when it gets hit with the actor to remove some health.

When I add in the actor’s blueprint a preexisted collision box it works with triggering the enemy’s EventActorBeginOverlap But it doesn’t create the other five.

The picture below is from the enemy’s blueprint that checks if the enemy collides with the actor.

Ok, so I’m thinking that when the AbilityBP first appears it cause damage, but nothing after that?

Once your actor has collided with an instance of AbilityBP, it can’t collide with it again, it’s aleady collided.

You have to make another AbilityBP, that would affect the actor again.

Does that make sense?

So if I am thinking correct I have to take the coordinates of the first abilityBP and then create another 4 actors with just collision boxes in the same location. Would that be correct?

Yes, you could do it that way. Just hit they enemy 4 separate times.

It worked! I don’t think this is the most practical way but if it works I happy with it!

Thank you very much for your help!