Problems with Epic Games Launcher/Unreal Engine. Please help!

This all started back when I was first having issues opening Unreal Engine, I wish I had saved the error code it repeatedly gave me but I forgot to. I tried uninstalling everything Epic Games/Unreal related to see if that would fix the problem. This is when things somehow got worse, when trying to re-install the Epic Games Launcher I was given two options- Repair or Remove. “Repair” Would repair errors in the most recent installation by fixing missing and corrupt files, shortcuts, or registry entries. “Remove” Would remove the Epic Games Launcher from my computer, which would remove any applications and content downloaded by the Epic Games Launcher. I tried both of these options multiple times. Every time I am shown that “Epic Games Launcher Setup Wizard ended prematurely.” I click finish, like it says and try again. But the same thing happens… Over, and over, and over again. I am unable to install Epic Games Launcher, and also cannot get Unreal back working… I am getting worried because I have on project through unreal due for college tomorrow, and more coming up. I do not know how to fix this. Please help me!!