problems with envelope follower listener

Hi, I set up an envelope follower on 4.17.2 to make some sound reactive materials and it is great, I even have the sound playing on a sequence in sequencer and it still works very well… but with 2 issues… First the dynamics of the sound do not stay consistent, meaning that the number float (envelope value) coming out of the envelope follower listener update starts with really high dynamics when I first play the sound after opening the project, (lets say the number varies from 0.2 to 0.6) and it is great but after i stop and play the level a number of times (I am editing a sequence) the dynamics of the number go from 0.2 to 0.3… it is the same sound and I do not change anything sound wise during this plays and stops, but the this happens all the time, what am I doing wrong?

The other issue is that if I try to render the sequence, the follower does not work and does not make my materials change the way I set it when playing in realtime. I can always record the sequence in realtime, but it would be great to have the option to render it offline.

any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

My recommendation is to update to the latest version. In 4.18 we introduced an actual Envelope Follower Event on the Audio Component, so you just need an Audio Component, and if you look at the Events available for it, there is now one for outputting float amplitude values.

For you, my guess is that you have multiple sounds on the same Source Effect that are pooling to average a lower output.

Thank you Dan. I started a new project on 4.18 but i do not seem to find the event you mentioned, can you point me in the right direction? Thank you

Did you remember to both enable new audio engine in .ini or commandline, and also enabling synth+soundutilities plugins?
I always forget one of those at first, when I switch engine(version)!

Yes both are enabled, the plugins and the .ini

this is what i get on the component

how do i get the amplitude event?

thank you!

I tried it in 4.18.2, and had the same issue. Couldn’t see the event. The soundfile of the audiocomponent is proper set up with EnvFollower preset and SourceChain, but the event isn’t seen through the audio component in BP.

Here’s one way to set it up, and find the event(most of the process here is found in the quick-start guide that’s stickied on this forum)

1: Create source effect and chain

2: Configure your sound-file with the presetchain

3: Set it up in BP(notice that the event is found under envfollower component; not the audio component)

There are(or will be?) ways to set this up mostly in BPs, by creating+linking+initializing everything dynamically, but this is the method I quickly set up now, and it works :slight_smile:

Yes apparently those changes are coming on 4.19… the envelope follower works fine but the only issue is that sequencer will not trigger or maybe i am doing something wrong