Problems with editing BSP

Hello, im noob with UE. I started my first project while ago.
Before i started my arch viz project i just watched Introduction to UE4 Level Creation tutorials: - YouTube

My problem is that i already modelled big old house in Unreal Engine just using bsp tools. At some point of workflow i realized that editing bsp was very very slow in my project.
I read many posts from forums and got information that you shouldnt use ue for actual modelling at all… So what should i do now?
I have already spent like +150 hours with modelling every little detail of house in ue. Do i have to start all over with some 3d software?

You could probably keep a lot of that work by converting your BSPs to static meshes.

If you expand the advanced Brush Settings (the little down-arrow) in the Details panel with a BSP selected, you’ll find a button labeled Create Static Mesh. Clicking it will produce a new static mesh, and it will replace the original BSP, which will be deleted.

You’ll probably see something about “invalid lightmap settings” on the new mesh in the viewport. To fix this, select the mesh, hit CTRL+E to open the mesh editor, then scroll down to the Static Mesh Settings in the Details panel. Locate the Light Map Resolution value, which will probably be set to 0. Change it to 32 or whatever’s suitable for the mesh in question.

In general though, yes, it’s usually better and easier to build good meshes in a dedicated 3D modeling package, but that doesn’t mean everything you’ve done is wasted.

I already converted my floor to static mesh. And yes, im getting invalid lightmap settings.
It does not matter what number do i set for Light Map Resolution value, atleast i dont see any difference. Every time after i build lightning for level, my floor turns black.

After building new lightning i can “fix” black floor by changing Light Map Resolution value to any other, but that does not solve whole problem.
I also converted other bsp:s to static mesh, but i got same problem with those. Every time i build new lightning i have to manually change lightmap resolution for every converted mesh that turns black.

Im very happy with quality and lights when using bsp’s but if i have to convert all to static mesh and i got these lightmap errors i got problems.

So… im almost ready with some of the rooms like these here:

And becouse of amount of used bsp its pain in the *** when im creating new content to my unfinished upper floor:

So what should i do with this project to get foward? Its so slow to make new content with bsp now.
Whats the best way to finish this?

Ultimately it needs to be converted to static meshes and reorganized, but that’s going to take a lot of work–export as static mesh to a 3D program and doing things like lightmap UV’s and material assignments.

Yeah… Thats what im afraid of. I think its little bit misleading to release tutorial videos for newbies like Unreal Engine has done in their youtube channel. (Introduction to UE4 Level Creation)
I really believed that i can build whole level inside UE4. I was sure that by following official tutorial im doing all how it should be done.

I also spended all my money for high-end computer just to run UE4 smoothly.
I really hope there is some rational solution to continue my workflow. All advices are more than wellcome. Thanks


It might a bit too hasty for a “newbie” to just watch a couple of videos. :wink:

Not really. BSPs should really only be used to block out and sketch your level. Like tweaking and judging how wide a corridor needs to be or how big an elevator shaft needs to be.
After you have set these proportions, then you start builing your level assets in a 3D application.
From your blocked level you know then exactly how high and wide youir walls need to be, etc.
BSPs are paying for their flexibility with “inefficiency” (compared to static meshes).

I tried how far I can push this once. with 2400+ brushes, the geometry build took over a minute plus then 4 minutes light building
I created the same again as static mesh geometry. No rebuilding geometry time and 30 seconds lightmap building time.

For your other assets (unless you leave the rooms totally empty) you would need a 3D software package anyway.
I wouldnt like to model a chandelier as a brush in UE4… :slight_smile:

But in your case you could get away, as it was already suggested, by converting all your brishes to static meshes.
If you have more brushes of the same size, you obviously only need to do that with one of them…
That could be done rather quickly.
The tedious part would be in your 3D software (like max):

  • Add texture UVW unwrappeer.
  • Flatten UVs
  • Add another UVW unwrapper for the lightmaps (optional. UE4 can also create lightmaps. but for now, the max ones are prettier)
  • Flatten with 0.05 spacing. (also optional as step above)
  • Save fbx file.
  • click on “reimport” in UE4

But if you already spent 150+ hours on this model, a few more wont killy, right?:smiley: