problems with doors

Hi all…
I have this blueprint for open a door…
If i press E all my doors open not only that i have in front of…How i can resolve this without using a switch every door?

You could add a box collision to the door blueprint and set it to overlap all, then in the overlap event set a boolean i.e. ‘CanOpen’ to true. You could then use the value of this to boolean in a branch node to determine if the door can open or not.

I think you should create a blueprint actor for a door with it’s own collision box and door animation like ULLS said, it looks like you are using the level bluepritn and matinee to open it which doesn’t make much sense to me.

As an example, here’s a simple door i made before.

There’s a collision box and a door mesh. The pivot of your mesh must be where you want the door to open from. Size the collision to fit your door and extra space on each side of the door to collide with your pawn. Four bool variables, bMustBeUsed, default value true, means the player has to press E to open it, otherwise it opens automatically. bPlayerInRange, default value false. bShouldOpenIn, lets you change what direction to open. bDoorIsClosed, default value true.

Event graph:

On begin play it enables input if the door has to be used.

the door will only open if the player is within the collision box. You have to check that the overlapping object is your pawn before doing anything.
You can set how much the door should open too, change the values in the select float.

The timeline is one second long, and contains a float that goes from 0, to 1. Change the length of the timeline to change how long it takes the door to open.

You can place this door anywhere and just change what variables you need. In a better door blueprint you could change the door mesh and collision location etc, you would use the construction script to set that up.