Problems with dino harvesting modding.

I started my Harvesting Mod like this:

  1. I copied “GenericMod”, “PrimalGameData_BP”, “TestGameMode”, “SeedHarvestComponent”, “SeedHarvestComponent_WithCollision” and “SeedHarvestComponentMountain” into my mod folder and added “_Harvesting” at the end of the names of the files.

  2. I changed “Primal Game Data Overwrite” in “World Settings” to match my “PrimalGameData_BP_Harvesting”. And changed “GameMode Overwrite” to match my “TestGameMode_Harvesting”.
    I changed “Default Game Mode” in “PrimalGameData_BP_Harvesting” to match my “TestGameMode_Harvesting”.

  3. I edited the “Damage Type Entry Value”/“Weight”/“Min quantity”/“Max quantity overrides” in “Harvest Resource Entries” -> “0” in “SeedHarvestComponent_Harvesting”, “SeedHarvestComponent_WithCollision_Harvesting” and “SeedHarvestComponentMountain_Harvesting” so the herbivores have a chance to collect fiber.

  4. I added “SeedHarvestComponent_Harvesting”, “SeedHarvestComponent_WithCollision_Harvesting” and “SeedHarvestComponentMountain_Harvesting” to the “PrimalGameData_BP_Harvesting” “Remap Resource Components” “To Class” elements and added their counterparts “From Class” without “_Harvesting” at the end.

So far so good. I cooked this mod, launched it on my server and tested it.
This worked pretty well. No problems at all. All herbivores which were able to harvest bushes could harvest fiber now, too.
Now i thought it would be nice if the Phiomia could harvest more Wood and the Turtle could harvest Stone.

The next steps were those:

  1. Copyed several Blueprints to my folder and added my “_Harvesting” tag:
  • Phiomia_Character_BP_Harvesting
  • Turtle_Character_BP_Harvesting
  • StoneHarvestComponent_Harvesting
  • StoneHarvestComponent_LowHealth_Harvesting
  • StoneHarvestComponent_RequiresMetal_Harvesting
  • WoodHarvestComponent_ExtraWood_Harvesting
  • WoodHarvestComponent_Harvesting
  • WoodHarvestComponent_LessWood_Harvesting
  • WoodHarvestComponent_RareFlower_Harvesting
  1. I remapped all HarvestComponents like before in the “PrimalGameData_BP_Harvesting” “Remap Resource Components”:
  • From Class “StoneHarvestComponent” To Class “StoneHarvestComponent_Harvesting”
  • From Class “StoneHarvestComponent_LowHealth” To Class “StoneHarvestComponent_LowHealth_Harvesting”
  • From Class “StoneHarvestComponent_RequiresMetal” To Class “StoneHarvestComponent_RequiresMetal_Harvesting”
  • From Class “WoodHarvestComponent_ExtraWood” To Class “WoodHarvestComponent_ExtraWood_Harvesting”
  • From Class “WoodHarvestComponent” To Class “WoodHarvestComponent”
  • From Class “WoodHarvestComponent_LessWood” To Class “WoodHarvestComponent_LessWood_Harvesting”
  • From Class “WoodHarvestComponent_RareFlower” To Class “WoodHarvestComponent_RareFlower_Harvesting”
  1. I remapped the NPCs in the “PrimalGameData_BP_Harvesting” “Remap NPC”:
  • From Class “Phiomia_Character_BP” To Class “Phiomia_Character_BP_Harvesting”
  • From Class “Turtle_Character_BP” To Class “Turtle_Character_BP_Harvesting”
  1. I created 2 childs of “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small” and named them “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting” and “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineWood_Harvesting”

  2. I changed the “Melee Damage Type” of my “Phiomia_Character_BP_Harvesting” in the “AI - > Attack Infos -> 0” section to match my “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineWood_Harvesting”
    Done the same to the “Melee Damage Type” of my “Phiomia_Character_BP_Harvesting” in the “AI” section.

The same steps apply to the “Turtle_Character_BP_Harvesting” but instead i put in the “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting” as “Melee Damage Type”.

  1. I added a “Harvest Damage Type Entry” at the end of all “Harvest Damage Type Entry” elements to all “StoneHarvestComponents” and matched their “Damage Type Parent” to “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting”.

Now i inserted an element at the top of each record “Damage Type Entry Values Overrides”, “Damage Type Entry Weight Overrides”, “Damage Type Entry Min Quantity Overrides” and “Damage Type Entry Max Quantity Overrides”.
I entered reasonable values and for “Damage Type Entry Values Overrides” i entered “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting”.

The same steps apply to the “Phiomia_Character_BP_Harvesting” but instead of “StoneHarvestComponents” it were the “WoodHarvestComponents”. Instead of “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting” it was the “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineWood_Harvesting”.

  1. Cooked the mod again, launched it on my server and tested it.

Well the result was not the one i expected. I cheat spawned new Phiomias and Turtles to be sure. I force tamed them. The Turtle was not able to mine stone at all.
The Phiomia did harvest Wood and Thatch but with harvest rates like a pike, much thatch and few wood. But i entered values like you would harvest wood with a hatchet, much wood and few thatch.

I hope you can follow my steps and understand what i meant.
What did i possibly do wrong, or what am i missing that my dino BPs / harvesting rates for their collecting or their DmgTypes are not working?
Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have an idea?

Well, i found out that i did nothing wrong. The problem was that those changes on NPC Blueprints don’t effect existing NPC. After the use of “cheat destroyallenemies” and waiting for the respawn everything worked fine.
I also added “DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Small_MineStone_Harvesting” to all “Harvest Damage Type Entrys” of all Obsidian, Oil, Crystal and Metal HarvestComponents so the Turtle is now able to harvest everything alike an MetalPick (except a bit less efficient and a bit more Stone).