Problems with Control Rig Rotation

I have a problem with rotations inside Control Rigs. I have a control that I want it to have the rotation I send to Control Rig from Animation Blueprint. But I am not being able to get it work fine.
Here is a capture of what I am currently doing:

The problem that im having is that setting a rotation of (0, 0, 0) the foot rotates it self 90 degrees.
To solve this I multiplied the rotation recieved from the world by the initial rotation of the control (to add its rotation to the recieved rotation).

After doing this the control rotation is the desired for a (0, 0, 0) passed rotation. But the problem when I do this is that the rotation axis in the world are “inverted”. When I rotate in Z axis control rotates in Y axis. When I rotate in X axis rotates in Y axis and whe I rotate in Y axis it rotates in X axis.

Can someone help me to understand why is this happening and how to solve it please??

Thank you