Problems with collision

I have a camera moving forward and there are some blocks there with collision blockAllDynamics.
Camera also has BlockAllDynamics, but still it doesnt work.
The camera is pawn blueprint with its own controlls. What should i do?

Is it first person?
If so, the camera itself might not have anything to collide with.

If it doesn’t, then you can try to use spring arm to detect collision

it is first person and what do you mean by spring arm?

how to make camera colliding with blocks?

try to create a capsule component, and use it for collision inestead

and what should i do with capsule? because when i ve aded capsule, it still didnt work

It can be any component you want, capsule, sphere, box…anyway

Set this new component’s collisiong as world dynamic and mark it to block all

unfortunately it doesnt help! Is it all that i should do? May be there are some special aspects that i dont know because i ve used everything :capsule, sphere, box and it doesnt help. I ve even created a static mesh ball that moves ahead and has its own collision that is shown when i press ~ and then print "show COLLISION " , but it doesnt collide with blocks

show COLLISION pawn*

that blocks, on phyisics tab…what is it type? does it collide with other things?

ok, and how is your player pawn?

it is normal rocks from starting content and yes i checked that those blocks colided with a chair from starter content

camera plus sphere and collision sphere

Did you tested changed their profiles to BlockAll?

yes and it didnt help