Problems with client latency - how to deal with it? - 100ms


I have a multiplayer game everything works excellent on local network.

We have been simulating latency and when you start with 30ms you are already starting to see problems in the client, like little jumps on the client version.

We are using 100ms as the minimum acceptable measure, but the truth is that the perceivable lag is quite large.

In the video that I show on the left is the server-player and on the left the client using 100ms as lag.

Currently the configuration is that the player controller controls a character instantiated on the server, the functions that allow moving the charecter are executed locally on each client.

For a second the player seems to be moving, but the server corrects his position as if the server won’t let him move.

I have tried to modify the Movement Component in the replicated section but with no luck.

Any idea how can i solve it?