Problems with blending physics and animation

I’ve created and implemented a simulated tongue for my character using PHaT - it looks and works perfectly. I set up all other bones as Kinematic, and left the tongue bones as Simulated. I added collision bodies around the character’s face so it didn’t just clip through the jaw. I also gave fairly tight constraints so it couldn’t flip fully over / move too far.

Then, in my character blueprint, I enable Physics simulation - hit play and the tongue goes absolutely crazy. Ignoring all collision and constraints set in PHaT. It just swings all over the place.

It’s obviously reading from PHaT since it is only the tongue being simulated. Rather stumped…help appreciated.

Video of it working inside PHaT : - YouTube

Hi Kenomica,

Can you post a screenshot of your skeletal mesh settings in blueprint? Can you check what your collision setting is set to? If it’s set to No Collision try changing it to something like BlockAll

Off topic-ish: The flopping tongue looks really cool.