Problems with Blender

Hello guys,

After getting the basics of UE4 and Blender, I made a character and simple animations (Idle,walk)
But when I try to import them in UE4, it didn’t gone right and when I tried to solve it, different problems came along.

-Rotation of the mesh and animations were different (animations are -90 degreed in roll compared to mesh)

-Solved it by exporting with ASCII, then animation scale became tiny

-Solved it by exporting them seperately and UE4 didn’t take it as a skeletal mesh

-Solved it by checking ‘import as skeletal’ and when I try to select it as skeletal mesh of animations, UE4 says failed to import and creat asset.

-And skeletal mesh only looks like the first frame of idle animation that I created(but I imported only mesh)

I haven’t found any solution but if there’s anyone knows about these problems, I would be happy if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong or missed.
I have to work with Blender so I need to figure them out.