Problems with Asset Registry nodes


I’m trying to fetch all available Maps (World) and Gamemodes (not displayed) but it seems to work in a few play modes and in other it doesnt.

My setup in a nutshell (Maps):


This works (or doesn’t) in the following Modes:
Play in “Selected Viewport” = works as intended
Play in “New Editor Window (Pie)” = works as intended
Play in “Standalone Game” = doesn’t find assets, neither does it seem that Asset Registry is running at all (caches no folders/paths)
Play in “Simulate” = works as intended
Play in “Launch” = works as intended, BUT “Project Settings -> Project -> Packaging -> Cook everything in the project content directory” has to be enabled
Play in “Packaged Game (Win64)” = works as intended

Asset Registry cache was checked with “Get All Cached Paths (Interface Call)” Node.

What can I do to get it to work in “Standalone Game” and “Launch”, since I dont want to always package the game to have it run through Steam and recognize all Worlds/Gamemodes.

Another thing is, that search by Class does not seem to work when looking for gamemodes (derived from GameModeBase) through the “GameModeBase” class, even with Search Sub Classes ticked, so I have to search them through a path.

I’ve tried adding those paths to “Additional Asset Directories to Cook” and ran “Cook Content for Windows” through the File Menu but it didnt help.

I dont really know what to do to fix it anymore, any ideas?


Found out that the above mentioned check box had to have a tick to properly run in Launch mode.

Bump. Encountered this issue myself and it’s a problem that doesn’t seem to be fixable on the user’s end.