problems with archviz lighting

hi i changed a value but now i can´t fix it anybody can help me where i should to look


I recovery a backup and i could fix it so i haven´t known what it happens, now i have a shadows problem these element (wall and ceeling) are ue4 plane and i try to change the light resolution but its the same, i have another plans in the scene that works ok, i don´t know if it´s for the physics scale or what it´s… it´s calculated on preview mode now i tryn with medium.
I have another problem with the opened window, it has the same properties than closed windows but it´s like if it was iluminated.
sky light it´s a hdri static
light source it´s stationary


ok i discover that noise appears when i reduce the static lighting leve when more i reduce more appears (talking in preview mode) i think i have to supposed that ot has to be normal, now im building a medium build

i add a picture of normals… you are talking about this, aren´t you? the same color…

im trying with these parameter
num sky lighting bounces set on 4
Do you know where i can study more about these parameter? talking about archviz… exterior/ interior etc…
also i upgrade a higher value for the resolution light map but on preview mode it´s the same i will check on medium


hi! i finish the medium build but i have still shadows problems… i understand if i upgrade to high production will be fix or put a higher static?

almost all of my interior walls are Cube from UE4, so i unerstand that the uv map it´s ok, but a lot of them are intersected…
the light its a movable spotlight
im going to upgrade light map resolution also…
i have a problem at the interior bathroom if i use a post process volume i get a very dark bath, does the light here come from skylight? im using a hdri… another thing that i dont understand why there are hdri with picture an another isn´t, is it important?, if i don´t use post process volumen the expossure auto adjust but i dont think it is ok

thanks for your help