Problems with animation - Model or Camera? (Please help!)

hi! i just followed a tutorial to animate my own character from mixamo, and it worked well, except the animations are slightly messed up when in motion. i have a short video below to show what i’m talking about:

does anyone know if this is a problem with the model/animations themselves, or is it because this is a side-scroller camera perspective? (the tutorial was for third person view, but there didn't seem to be any specific notes in it about only being used for third person.)

thanks so much!!


I had a similar problem. Please check the Pivot Point of the Mesh.

i think i know how to change the pivot point, but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. do you know how i need to move it/where i should move it to?

You have to export the character, then import it to a 3d software, Maya, 3D Max or Blender. Depending on the Software you have to visualize the pivot point. I prefer Maya.

Let me explain it in detail why this effect happens. Imagine the center point of the character (the pivot point) is at another place within the character mesh than within the animations. Whenever you move the character, the individual running animation moves to its pivot point of the animation. Thats why it looks so wierd.

The solution is: Check the pivot point of the character and those from the anims. It is not good to change the point within all animations , so just change the character mesh’s pivot.

It sounds complicated, but it isnt. Just open the 3D Software, import the Character, change the pivot to 0,0,0 (in most cases). Or move the character to the Center 0,0, z. Z is Height. There is a visual grid in your 3D Software and the characters feets touches the “grid’s ground”.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: