Problems with AI

I started taking my first steps on the AI ​​and I have a problem that I can’t understand, basically when the enemies are close enough they hit me a couple of times and then stop, no matter how long I wait they stay still and don’t attack . If, however, I move and they come closer again they could attack again and sometimes even continuously, other times one or two shots again and then they stop again. Furthermore, enemies seem to stay behind other enemies and do not recalculate the path to approach the player and be able to strike. How could I solve it?

Edit. Woops forgot to add Tasks, so this is the Chase Player:

And this is Attack Player:

Make sure to handle the OnFail in the move to node and return a result, you generally always want to finish with success or fail in all cases unless you’re 100% sure for example a cast will not fail etc

Thanks for the reply!
Regarding the fact that enemies freeze and don’t attack even if they are in range, what could this be about? Do you think the attack nodes are correct or do you think i can improve them to ensure that the enemies always attack?
This is my actual enemy attack:

Damage is managed via anim montage, but the problem is that animation doesn’t keep going