Problems with adding custom kismet node in UDK3 (Chivalry medival warfare game)

Hello all. For few days, i am trying to create a dummy custom node in my Chivalry UDK Editor.

I have create a test gamemode by guide “Chivalry Giant Slayers creation guide” and it works greate in game.

But i cant see this gamemode in UDK editor. I dont know why. I can see custom placeble actor, what i copy and rename. But cant see custom node in kismet, and custom gamemode in world info.

There is my test mod. Pls, help me.

Try adding the game to the config file, see the ini section for more info – Tutorials – UE3 A simple UDK Game

I am change




Save and compile, run editor, it is does not helped me.

Sorry, maybe i am do something wrong?

If you changed a default config file like DefaultGame then you need to delete the UDK prefixed files so they are recreated when you restart UDK e.g. update DefaultGame and delete UDKGame also TestMode would be the name of the folder where the code resides … then theres the game class script file which probably needs changing to your new game type.

Maybe instead try TestMode.AOCGame ( I assume your code is copied) where AOCGame keeps the game name the same