Problems with a rigrail sequence


I have a rigrail attached to a cinecamera that goes around an object (statue). I have a script…what I want is this:

When a player enters the triggerbox, the player will be enable to press E (I have made an Input in Project Settings that is named “Interact” as you can see in the script). The E-key play the rigrail-sequence from the beginning every time I press it.

What I have so far, is that the sequence starts immediately when entering the triggerbox. And I don´t want that. And another thing that is, that I want the sequence to start every time I press E (Interact) and only when the player is inside the triggerbox. What happens now, is that the sequence automatically trigger every time.

AND it also plays in the wrong way. So that´s another problem.The first time it plays well, then the second time the camera seem to have changed the rotation and point in the wrong direction…and I don´t know why that is.
I read that I could use the SetPlayback Position node. But that did not help. In a UE4 documentation tutorial there is a example where they keep the state of a light inside Sequencer using the Keep State option setting to remain after the sequence has ended. I hoped there were something similar for the cinecamera or the rigrail but couldn´t find it.

I don´t really know if I need the FlipFlop node or not in the script…I used a example that someone did and worked from that.

Can you guys give some answers on what to do? :slight_smile:

On the BeginOverlap. After you set the playback disconnect the node to “play” and connect the last wire to Open on the gate.

Overlap>playback pos>Open gate

and the flipflop i dont know… what it does now is every second time you press E, nothing will happen.

But if removing it will flicker the play sequence then maybe a doonce node behind Pressed on interact and on released you reset it.

Thank you! I tried what you described but what happens now, is that the sequence start and doesn´t move at all :frowning:


I am not sure how sequence works but the “new playback posiyion” that is set 0 would be set to 0 at all times, does that mean reset from 0 or what?
Sorry, maybe someone else has better knowledge

I don´t know either. Many people use the Playback node so it should…work, so I can´t understand why this is happening. I guess maybe it has something to do with the settings in the sequencer but I don´t know where and how.