Problems with 4.12.5

Recently I have updated my Unreal Engine from 4.11.2 to 4.12.5, and I’m having a trouble in making a copy of my project.

I want my 4.11.2 project to be in 4.12.5, but when I’m attempting to make a copy, it just loads an empty place with floor and chairs. Anyone can help me, please? I don’t know how to get entire project map to 4.12.5.

Make a copy of your project in windows explorer (assuming you’re using windows), right click on the .uproject file and select “Switch Engine Version”. It will give you an option to convert the project, choose “Convert in place” (this option might be hidden under “More Options”).

Thank you so much, DamirH! Now I may resume my game project progress on completely new version of Engine! Again, thank you very much, have a good day!