Problems w/ first person camera?

Hello, I’m a beginner to unreal engine and 3D game development in general. I’m using the first person template. I took a couple of things out of the first person character blueprint, such as the gun, the arms, and the ability to shoot. All I have now are the camera, mesh (can’t delete for some reason, though it’s invisible?) and the capsule component.

Recently, I’ve ran into some problems with the camera supplied in the template.

1.) For some reason now, it seems to be ACTUALLY MOVING when I look up and down instead of just rotating. What I mean is if I look down, the camera seems to get closer to the floors and walls, and I’ve actually been able to noclip through things by doing this.

2.) The player can’t climb stairs unless they’re looking down at them, which I think is another issue with the camera. I tried raising max step height, enabling walking off edges, etc. and nothing fixed it. The player can climb them if they are looking toward them, just not when they are looking up. I also noticed that if the player walks backwards, they CAN climb the stairs looking up, but can’t if they’re looking down/straight… so the issue is reversed there…

3.) Also, if the player looks straight down at the floor or up at the ceiling, they can’t move forward or back but can move left and right.

I really need these problems fixed. This is for a midterm project for college, and it’s due in a few days…