Problems using PlayerState (Development Packaged version)


I have a server and a client and using the packaged build when the PlayerState blueprint runs (Event BeginPlay ) i check for the command line for the -userId argument. In the Custom GameModeBase Blueprint i check the command line for the lobbyId so i send a http request to the server and get a json containing info from the players like their userId.
I pass the -userId in the client .exe and the server .exe gets the lobbyId arg. like this. with the BPs below in the editor the PlayerState when the Player Connects to the server seems to have everything Set and everything goes as planned the opposite of the Packaged version.

​​​​​The thing with the Player Controller blueprint Event BeginPlay is that this seems to run on the server and i actually need to check the command line on Client side only code so i can save the userId in the PlayerState custom class and then the server accesses it. On the packaged version the userId is read from the command line but now going to the GameStateBase custom class

on the OnPostLogin gives a Player Controller that Im using to get the Player State Cast to my custom class, so i can get the userId and compare it with the players in the lobby that is on the database. Yet all the variables inside that PlayerState are empty! Im starting to think that the place that im using to set the UserId in the PlayerController blueprint is the wrong place it is actually doing nothing and meh!

How Should i do this?
Read UserId from Client .exe
Pass it to the PlayerState
OnPostLogin read the Player State and do stuff with the player Controller that just Connected
??? this is what im trying to do

Im looking for help! feel free to ask questions this might be a complete mess! I can provide more screen shots