Problems to Focus any Object with the Crosshair

He guys,
im trying to create an working system to expand the focussystem.

Simple: If the player crosshair touches an object in range via maybe a trace its is usable. Simple like in Skyrim or Dishonored.

Heavy: Create an trace centered from the crosshairposition with unitrange scaning for Objects that can be used.

But well… i dont know where to start, there is no example or tutorial… Or? How do i start with this?

Hi, if you haven’t seen about raycast, start from the scratch…

I don’t know if undertand exactly what you need, I suppoused is the “Shape Traces” way, in multi trace, then filter the requested object by Class designed or compared in array (for example), is up to your goal. I hope it helps you.

So thats what i was searching for! I couldnt find something under traces cause they are called raycasts. I think as i understand this tutorial its pretty simple to implent in a quick and easy way. We see about that… thx