Problems that encounter me


I recently purchased UE4 (subscription) and … yeah… I know how to model alot of stuff and I know how to model a human fully
I never succeeded in modeling the head…

That’s a problem…

another is the terrain… where do I start?? I know there is alot of tutorials out there but…
to make a nice perfect one… DO I NEED to use outer heightmap applications? or just the UE’s default one… and if I use the default one… how would I make it look like… what would inspire me?

That’s two problems…

Another is the materials… and the blueprints…

I have very good knowledge in the JAVA language… so how would that help in blueprints? where do I start?
materials… any good tutorials that would get me started??

How long would learning all ^ that take me?

I will be soo grateful to who answers the questions… and even who tries :slight_smile:

Thank you…



I personally use the tools which are included in the UE4 -> I just take a picture of the place that I would like to have and then I try to reproduce it with the landscape tool. The more often you do it, the better it gets :slight_smile:

Thanks mate,
But another question for you: Does the terrain editor in UE4 differentiate from outer terrain editors? like in quality? and the look? because I really care for those stuff

Yes and No ^^ It’s much easier to create a realistic looking terrain with world machine, but it is also possible with the tools in the landscape editor (just takes more time).

Oh really? I’ll just go with UE’s editor… but do you have some tips on creating a landscape in a quite good way?

Best Regards,
Jake Martins

Make use of the two erosion tools! They are pretty important to create realistic mountain, hills, cliffy,… landscapes. Also make sure that you have lots of variations in your material so that the player cant see the tiling!
But as I said, when you want to easily create a good looking/realistic landscape I would recommend you to do it in world machine/terresculptor/… :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Pardin me but here’s another question:

I have modeled a character in maya… how shall I insert it into ue4 and how should I make the character wield a weapon i modeled?

  1. create a rigg
  2. create animations
  3. export your character (with anims)
  4. make your character playable: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Custom Character (english) - YouTube
  5. It works exactly the same as in this video series
  6. add a socket to your skeletal mesh
  7. create a actor class with your weapon mesh in it
  8. Attach it to the socket:


green= event
red= your sword
orange= attach node
violet= attaches it to the character

Also make sure to choose “snap to target” in the attach node + type in your socket name
(you just have to take a look at the nodes with a line around them, the other parts are not important for you :stuck_out_tongue: -> they are from my game)

Thanks! You may lock this thread :D!