Problems switching between looping timelines

I am new to Unreal and am just trying some basic switch puzzle mechanics to get me familiar with the blueprints. The problem I am trying to solve is this. I have a series of 3 obstacles which turn on and off in a sequence - I am using a 3 float tracks in a timeline to control the visibility of these obstacles. The timeline is set to to loop. When the player flicks a switch I want to change to a second timeline where the same obstacles turn on and off in a different sequence. The blueprint network is attached - I am checking for the key press, then the ID of the switch - I then go through a flipflop node (switch on or off) and from there choose my timeline. When the timeline nodes are not set to loop everything works - the sequence plays correctly once and stops. Flipping the switch plays the other sequence once and stops. However I want the sequence to play infinitely and then stop when I flip the switch. I found some nodes that can stop a timeline looping which I inserted but they stop things for good and the timeline node doesn’t restart the sequence. Has anyone got any suggestions of how I can change between looping sequences? In my ideal world I would have a default and at least 3 sequences for this puzzle to work but had started with two just to get things working!

I faced this issue also and resolve it like this. I hope this should help someone to solve an issue

Thanks! That really helped me :smiley: