Problems Spawning Obstacles from Endless Runner Tutorial

Hi all. I am currently following the endless runner tutorial with engine 4.10 and I ran into some trouble on video 3 with spawning the obstacles. I have followed the directions exactly, with minor changes for the Get Relative Transform part, but after doing everything as the video said, the obstacles won’t spawn. I’ve attached the screen shots for my blueprint for reference. Please Help

Here are other screen shots I have too.


The BP_FloorTile is being spawned all ok?

Yep. It is purely the Blocker (I named it obstacle) that won’t spawn.

ok, it seems you didn´t selected the blocker, as the child to add, in this picture, has no child actor there:

in the video: time 4:00

Thank you for the help. This worked for spawning them but they are now showing up on their side.

Never mind. I just tweaked the obstacle actor itself so it’s fine. Thanks again.