Problems setting up input

Hi all,
I’m really a newbie here. I’m studying the 3rd Person template to learn something, and one problem I’ve found is, if I want i.e : If “right mouse button” then Aim.
My programming knowledges are few, but I tried to copy the jump “set IsInAir?” and I created a bool “IsAiming?”.

In the first image I set up the inputs.

In the second image (animtree) I set up the anim with transition.

In the third image, I copied the jump comment and try to create the aim one.
When I only change the “setter” in the set jump copy (now Set IsAiming) the character aims when is jumping, but I want to aim when the character walks, not when he jumps.
Then I tried to set the input order and… I don’t know how to continue.

If anyone can tell me the way or the idea of how to continue it will be great.

Thanks in advance.

Okay, so it’s solved :smiley:

It was a little bit longer than I was expecting, anyway, the solution is in this tutorials, following the convenient steps: