Problems setting up Android in-app billing

Hello guys, i’m having some problems setting up in-app billing on Android so i wanted to know what am i doing wrong as i need to solve it like yesterday!. Here’s the set up process i did:

  • Create an app in google play developer console

  • Set some in-app products and in my game make the correct function calls ( Make in app purchase node) with the correct product IDs.

  • Add the BILLING permission in the game’s manifest.

  • Set android:debuggable = “false” in the manifest

  • Set the packaging to shipping and set the variable “For Distribution” in the project’s settings.

  • Correctly packaging the project ( apk is correctly signed )

  • Upload the apk to alpha testing channel and download it with the link google gave me.

When i test my game every google service (Leaderboards, achievements) works except for this, i thought the project would be missing an .aidl or a library but it all seems correct to me.

If there are any files you require, just tell me.