Problems rotating an Actor

I have an actor which I move in a circle path. This works great.

I want to rotate the actor itself at the same time so the actor “looks” always in the direction of moving. So when the actor flew 360 degrees than the actor itself rotated 360 degress also.

In the screenshot is my Blueprint. I use SetActorRotation for setting the rotation of the actor.

When I look at the animation in the 3D world it moves perfectly on a circle but it rotates more then 360 degrees around itself and it rotates randomly faster and slower.

Hi, I solved it totally differently with 2 timelines. The first for doing the location of the actor with a vector with 2 curves. One is a sinus curve and the other is a cosinus one which map to the x and z parts of the vector. The second timeline is a float which interpolates form 0 to 1. The timeline has a length of 2 seconds.

See the blueprint for my futher calculations.