Problems retargeting animation

I exported the rig of the target skeleton, imported it in the other one, also modified the pose to make them match, all according epic’s tutorial, but still doesn’t work.
See how the lower arms are twisted.

Any idea how can I fix it?

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In your skeleton try playing around with the translation retargeting settings. There’s a variety of options that can help resolve issues like this. You’ll more than likely need to switch it to Animation.

You may have to enable the menu as well, under Skeleton Tree click Options and then Show Retargeting Options.

Hey, thanks for the input, I already tried it though.
Anyway, which bone are you saying I need to convert to animation?

The skeleton comes with these bones as animation: root, pelvis and ik foot (both).
Among other things I tried leaving only root as anim and everything else as skeleton, but it didn’t work.

EDIT: Tried setting every single bone as ANIMATION, problem persists.

It could be anything from the clavicle on down. Have you tried any of the other settings other than Animation? You may need to play around with it, including combinations with certain bones.

Otherwise can you show your skeleton setup, and your retarget settings?

Sure I can show it, but isn’t that in the image I already posted?

@SE_JonF I just received a private message from a mod saying my last message was sarcastic, conduct code and etc.
I apologize if you felt offended, I wasn’t being sarcastic by any means, just unsure about the image you requested, that’s it.

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I just saw your response just now actually, so if they received a report it wasn’t from me. You don’t owe me an apology at all, I wasn’t offended. =)

To answer your question, what you showed above was how your skeleton looks in the viewport. I was asking if you could show me how it looks in the outline where I can see the hierarchy. And if you could provide an image of the retarget settings to see how you matched them as that might give a clue as to why this is happening.


Glad to hear that man, I guess some mods here have too much free time.

Anyways, I will attach some screenshots, I hope that’s the info you are looking for, otherwise please let me know, thank you!

PS: The first one is the skeleton of the anim I’m trying to retarget (After I modified it everything to Animation)

You’re not gonna want to have all of those set to animation first of all. Can you link me the tutorial that you’re using so I can see the process you’re going through? There are slightly different things you need to do whether you’re retargeting assets that share the same skeleton vs ones that don’t.

The other screenshot you can show is the Retarget Manager just so I can see how you setup the rig matching there.

Thank you, this is the tutorial, it’s kinda old and in the current engine version I have a button that allow me to directly load the rig from the other skeleton and I don’t have to map bone by bone like they do there, maybe the problem is there, somehow?