Problems replacing animations

Issue resolved however, my Aim loop animation is not being used when aiming with the bow, as a result when pulling back string to shoot an arrow (Left clicking and holding), it plays the aim_animation and then returns to idle_animation without actually staying pulled (i.e loop animation not being used).

Any ideas?

Same issue here, I’ve done a lot of testing and as far as I can tell, I really cannot find a solution. Either the devs have some trick, or it could even be a bug.

Hopefully someone will resolve this soon.

I already attempted reworking my entire tool’s rig system (aka copying over all of the skeletal rigs and re-importing my custom assets and re-referencing the new duplicate blueprints/animations), to no avail.

How was the issue resolved?


Third person works fine but the fact I know exactly what is wrong is frustrating. I see in the third person animation, “Pullstring_montage”, it has both the “Pullstring” & “Pullstring_Loop” in the animation scale which makes sense. It plays the pullstring animation and then when it reaches it’s pinnacle it plays the loop animation until you shoot the arrow.

However this is not the case for the FPV “Aim” & “aim_Loop” (which are ridiculously named). I checked the dev kits read-only animation to find that the “aim_Montage” which is the First person equivalent to “Pullstring_Montage” simply does not have the loop involved in the animation scale.

Why this is, I do not know, but after verifying the dev kit this is in fact natural which means the “Aim_Loop” animation is somewherre involved somewhere else entirely.

That is my problem, being unable to locate where the first person view Aim_Loop animation is used.

I resolved the initial issue of the strings not being pulled by opening up my weapBow template and specifying in the 1p animation for “Pull string anim” to find it specified the 3rd person view but the first person view was blank. I input the aim montage in there.

Unfortunately this did not involve the “loop” animation as previously mentioned which has prolonged my problem.


Literally dragging the loop animation onto the animation scale within FPV_Bow_WP_Aim_montage animation works. As for timing and looping set-up Im not entirely sure.

  1. Opened aim montage animation
  2. Literally dragged the loop anim from the asset browser on the right
  3. Clicked on the newly added loop anim
  4. Edited it’s “loop count”

I hope there’s a better way to do this but for now it works like it would in vanilla.