Problems removing widgets from viewport

I have multiple widgets referenced in the level blueprint that are triggered by trigger boxes. Currently, they are removed by using the (remove all widgets) node, however, this does not work for my use because I have an objective widget that needs to stay on the screen. I have tried the visibility node and remove from parent. Here are screen shots of what it looks like:

Initial attempt that works but isn’t practical::

First alternative attempt:

First alternative attempt error:

Second alternative attempt:

Second alternative attempt error:

It looks like there is a problem when I reference the widget, but i’m not sure why. To make the “door interaction” variable that calls for the widget, I added a new variable, and under type, I searched for the widget. When using the two alternate methods, the widgets stay on the screen.

If there is any help you can provide, or any other information you need to help, please feel free to ask.

I can’t see from the screenshots, do you actually set Door interaction variable to your widget? When you create a widget drag off that return value node and click Promote to variable, then use that variable to remove from parent.

Yes agreed. You need to promote to variable from the return node of create a widget then rest is fine.

Did you figure out your problem because i’m having the same problem.