Problems Referencing static mesh and other assets in data table

Hi Folks,

I’ve been using a data table as part of a random item generation system. I can pull through data just fine. Now I want to start pulling through models and particle effects.

I’m starting with static mesh to test the concept before I go ahead and base a whole heap of other stuff on this system.

My Table

For now, while I test for proof of concept, I want all 3 types to spawn with the same mesh. They already spawn with the right stats just fine.

To do that, I use this struct.


This gives me the following usable datatable.


I can’t for the life of me figure out the syntax for getting that mesh!

The Mesh itself sits in the following location in the editor

The Physical location of the asset is
C:\Users\Me\Documents\Unreal Projects\Sweettittayhumpingmagicproject\Content\Mesh\Shape_NarrowCapsule.uasset

Things I have tried.

  1. Sitting the source CSV inside the project folder
  2. Allsorts of derivations of StaticMesh, Static Mesh, Static_Mesh - However the editor references them as StaticMesh
  3. With and without teh file extensions - both. FBX and .uasset
  • I am compiled using the binary download.

  • My editor by default generates projects into mydocuments

  • Everything is completely vanilla

  • No, I don’t want to use any of Ramas plugins - half the table works - which means the problem isn’t the editor, it’s me.

Anyone shine a light on how to point to the asset? It’s doing my box in!

Evening Folks,

I have the answer, so I’ll post it back for anyone else having an issue.

It was totally me.

The correct way to feed in is as follows: “StaticMesh’/Game/Mesh/Shape_Pipe_180.Shape_Pipe_180’”

I have absolutely no idea why It’s being declared twice, but hey - it’s an answer, and I hope this helps anyone else searching for similar in the future. Having to organise my data in a different way would have required a radical rethink of other sections that I’ve already created.