Problems problems problems


I’m very new to UE4 and have huge problems getting things to work. I need to do an architectural walkthru where realistic lighting is everything but I get nothing like that. After watching tutorials and a lot of googling my main problems still are

  1. The floor (and any other shiny horisontal surface) is reflecting the sky and not the room itself. The sphere or box reflection capture makes the floor reflect the room somehow but it is completely off.

  2. The sun is not shining into the room. First when importing and dragging the model into the 3d window the sunlight hits the floor right at the bottom of this image (there is a window opening behind the camera) but after building the light the light spot disappears.

  3. The overall realistic GI lighting is missing completely. How do I create that?

  4. I need a mirror in this bathroom scene and I’ve understood that the planar reflection is the only mirror there is in UE4. But I get no proper reflections from that and seems that scaling it down squeezes also the reflection.

  5. The ceiling is black even if the material is matt white.

I have the lightmass volume around the model, and the sunlight and skylight and BP_sky_sphere are there. I’ve tried point light and spot light but they don’t give the daylight I need. I’m using Blender as my 3D software and importing .fbx file to UE4. I have used Blender lightmaps or automated UE4 lightmapping. UE4 says currently that lightmaps are overlapping by 6.8%. There are very small areas left which have lightmap problems, they used to be much worse. I disabled MikkTSpace as instructed.

Can anyone please give me some advice, hints, solutions, whatever. Thank you very much.