Problems Packaging Game

Every time I try to package as an android or other mobile platform (file>package project>android) it links me to a tutorial page instead of actually packaging. This doesn’t happen if I try to package for a windows/desktop platform.

Any idea on how to fix it?

Hey scarlettrxse!

Did you followed the tutorial about Android development (did you installed AndroidWorks, are your environment variables correctly set, etc)?


I’ve encountered the same issue as scarlettrxse. I’m looking to move from Unity to Unreal for certain android projects and despite installing AndroidWorks and having the correct android SDKs downloaded, I get sent to the tutorial page when I attempt to build. I’ve followed the tutorial on android development, but there’s little information available as to what’s gone wrong as there doesn’t seem to be an error log generated.

I’ve also got the same issue. But I confused about the page. It literally shows every tutorial, not the tutorial for Android.