Problems linking a third party SDK in my project

Hi guys!

I just started using Unreal Engine after developing mostly in Unity before. Currently I’m stuck at adding a third party SDK (Optitrack Camera SDK) to my project. I read several tutorial on this topic eventually following this one. Here’s the code I ended up with in my MyProject.Build.cs. Unfortunately I get a lot of syntax errors in several header files when I’m trying to compile the project (for example in Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Misc/AutomationTest.h) → here’s the error log.

I couldn’t figure out the underlying problem by now and it’s getting really frustrating. So I would appreciate any kind of help or advice.

EDIT: After experimenting a little bit more, the compliation errors seem to be caused by these two functions (as everything else compiles without problems):

PublicIncludePaths.Add(Path.Combine(optitrackPath, “Includes”));