Problems interpreting Profiler. Memory leaks

I have made a game with blueprints. Now I got trouble with performance problems.
I guess it is kind of a memory leak. The level runs good the first time. The second time I start the level the FPS is half. The next times the drop isn’t that worse. While playing the memory usage of the computer increases.
I am not able to find the error myself. I would be glad if someone could help me interpreting the profiler log.
I attached a picture

You can also download the logfile (about 28MB)

Thank you in advance.

In the project I used many timer and there are also many skeletal meshes with animations.


Within the GameThread the time is used by TG_PrePhysics Events. For each skeletal there is a Post Anim Evaluation>…>UpdateBodyScale. Perhabs that means nothing as this is the similar at times with no peaks.

I really need some help.