Problems in Android with USynthComponent and general audio crackling


I’m working on a plugin that allows me to integrate Csound into UE4. So far I got it working on Windows but I would like to get it working on Android. Csound works very well on Android (I’ve developed Java apps that use it as sound engine) and I’ve also managed to make it build into an UE4 Android app but the problem I’m having is that it produces no output and no error messages. Before I dig more into it, I just wanted to confirm: do USynthComponent audio components work in Android currently? I’m using UE4 4.18.

I’m also experiencing a lot of crackling when simply playing an audio file in an Android UE4 app (without my custom Csound plugin). I’ve tried changing the buffer size and count in the Android project settings but that doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m using a Galaxy S8.