Problems importing 3dsMax ForestPack Pro into Unreal 4

Maybe It’s just me not knowing what I am doing, but…

Whenever I try to import a ForestPack asset into Unreal 4, something usually goes wrong.

I am using datasmith to import them.

Sometimes the imported materials all turn black, in these cases the imported lightmaps are messed up aswell.

Then there are the times where the imported model comes in and none of the opacity masks are working for the leaf textures, I’ve tried messing around with the material editor to no avail.

And other times they come in perfectly. Only problem here is that we don’t use these models…

It seems that certain trees have their own certain problems upon export/import.

Does anybody have anything that could help?


We’ve been aware of some challenges with importing ForestPack via Datasmith, and have made some improvements for the upcoming 4.22 release.

Currently 4.22 is available as a Preview for testing, and I encourage you to test it out and see if there are improvements or if your issues persist. More information here: Unreal Studio 4.22 Preview - Datasmith - Unreal Engine Forums

For any issues, I suggest you report them at our dedicated Unreal Studio Support site -