Problems Grabbing physics object from multiple sides.

Does anyone know why a physics object could only be grabable from 2 sides? I can only grab this box on the front and left side. The other sides won’t let me grab.

You can see it here

The other two sides just won’t grab. Am I missing something on the physics handle or the physics constraint of the box blueprint maybe?

You’re going to need to post code/nodes/settings because if you don’t have specific logic based on the side you’re grabbing it from, then I’m not sure of what would be causing this.

It is hard to guess. Show us that box setup. And method you are using to push.
Btw safest method to push physics is by faking force when you detect player proximity.
If you rely on skeletal mesh pushing physics you may get into some weird trouble, because skeletal meshes in unreal are kind of cheating the system.