Problems Downloading the 4.8 engine.


I have started and logged in on the launcher but when i select the engine for download it just says Please wait.
Not behind proxy, tried turning of the firewall etc. Rebopoted 2 times and still no joy.

Tried on both windows 10 and windows 8.1.

Any ideas?

Hi Zand3rs,

Try the steps listed here:

If this does not fix the error, please post this to the answerhub in the installation and setup section. Follow the instructions towards the bottom of the link above to generate debug logs. Post the debug logs and your dxdiag along with the answerhub report.

Omg i just realized there is a few reports already in. All the ideas and a few more has been done and i can see in the logfile that it cuts the process so i am sure someone will fix this soon.

Ill just wait till its resolved since its not on my end!

Thank you!