Problems deploy on html5

Hi all,

i want to deploy my project on html5 but i always get the error on start.

is it because my projectsize? it have about 300mb

thank you

Seeing the line “__ZN6FDebug12AssertFailed” in the middle there gives a clue that the real error here is due to an assertion failure.

To see the cause of the assertion failure, try opening the output .html file, and find the line

<div class="texthalf text-normal jumbotron " id="logwindow" style='display:none'></div>

and change that to

<div class="texthalf text-normal jumbotron " id="logwindow"></div>

Then rerunning the page should have an additional text box where the assertion failure error appears. Also try looking through the web browser’s own console if there might be more error information there.

(In a newer version of UE 4, I think there will be a button on the page (or similar) that will make the above manual edit unnecessary)