Problems creating a Pawn Action Blueprint

I’m trying to create a setup where my character can call various blueprints like a spell bar.
I think the way to approach this is through Pawn Action blueprints.

I’ve created a public variable in my character blueprint of the type “Pawn Action Blueprint” called “Ability1”
However, when I try to create a Pawn Action Blueprint I only see “Pawn Action BlueprintBase”

The problem is that I cannot populate the “Ability1” with the “Pawn Action BlueprintBase”.

What part am I missing?

Do I have to create a function or event within the Pawn Action Blueprint?

Is there a way to create a “PawnAction_Blueprint” instead of one with Base?

Or should I be approaching this in a different way?

There’s no “PawnAction_Blueprint” class. “PawnAction_BlueprintBase” is the only one that’s exposed to blueprints. It has all the functions you need for using Pawn Actions. Be aware that it is a state machine for AI. It’s basically an alternative to behavior trees from what I’ve gathered. You might want to use another class or make your own for spells and abilities in your game.