Problems cooking after upgrading system


I have a project that will not cook. I spent the last week trying to figure out. I’ve updated my computer from a 250 gb ssd to 1 tb gb ssd, operating system from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04, and video card from GTX 950 to GTX 1660 super. My project is located on a second mechanical hard drive along with Unreal Engine 4.21. Right now,I am just trying to get the project to cook and build

For some reason, I cannot cook or build a project anymore. I migrated the project to another project that is a lot smaller. I fixed as many bugs and errors as possible. I even removed maps that are used in cooking packaging. I cleared and deleted all the cache. Still failing.

Running “./UE4Editor “/media/home2/vivienne/UnrealProjects424/OrvilleGalaxy/OrvilleGalaxy.uproject” -run=DerivedDataCache -fill -Verbose” creates and update derived data cache. The results are as follows…ew?usp=sharing


The derived cache cook is…ew?usp=sharing

The library log is…ew?usp=sharing

The build cook log is…ew?usp=sharing

I am wondering if anyone has a idea of what could be wrong. Although the hard mechanical hard drive and cpu is not new. The fact that I can cook partially points to something wrong with the project. At this point I can make the project available especially any developer at Unreal.


All the logs for this cook and build attempt is here. I’m also doing a memtest of 16gig ram.

I’ve encounter build fails when I change the project folder or uproject name. This might be along the same lines since you say you relocated the project.
Try deleting the Saved, DerivedDataCache, and Intermediate folders and then launch the uproject and try a build after.

Thanks for the reply. I’m going be finishing the memory test then a hard drive check to know if it’s on the cause list. Afterward, I will try again, removing any derived data cache, intermediate, and save folders.

I had the same failure issues including pulling a fresh version out of git. I just put in the ssd with 16.04 and trying a build and cook using that. If it works, it’s down to either OS maybe dotnet driver. That’s the only thing I can think of.

I did a fresh scan of the mechanical hdd not the os drive and memory check. Everything was fine.

This morning i just swapped back in the old sdd with 16.04 while keeping the new video card then built the original project and a copy, Both of them built and cooked fine. I made no other changes.

Does it seem operating system related? I’m still ironing it down. I would rather use the sdd with Ubuntu 20.04 which has the latest drivers but it seem Unreal engine is conflicting with the operating system. Maybe Ubuntu 20.04 is not interacting with the file system on the hard drive like Ubuntu 16.04 causing problems.

I’m afraid I’m not sure. It sounded like a problem with project assets needing a refresh hence my advice. I’ve never used Ubuntu.

It’s okay. I’ve been talking to several people on Discord. We kinda think Unreal Engine 4.21 is getting a list of assets differently based on the OS. So, although Unreal Engine is setup correctly it’s just accessing data different specifically plugins and objects. When it happens it’s creating a loop back or circular dependency case. So, Unreal hangs.