Problems animating 10 ( or so ) meshes


I have a ‘Tomb’ level, which has a somewhat complex sequence of mesh movements to open / close a set of inner and outer doors.

The concept is this:

  1. Level starts
  2. Inner steps retract
  3. Inner doors close
  4. Outer steps retract
  5. Outer doors close

gameplay…player solves puzzle and:

  1. Outer doors re-open
  2. Outer steps reveal


About 15 meshes to animate in total.

Initially I tried animating this using blueprint, but it got very fiddly.

Then I discovered the level sequencer, which seemed to fit the bill. Once I had got around the fact that all the meshes snapped back to their original locations after the sequence ( set ‘keep state’ - I assume the ‘restore state’ checkbox in the world outliner details is supposed to set this across the whole sequence, but doesn’t work ), I was happy, until…

So, I made a sequence 1 - 5. But then I come to animate 6-7, make a new sequence, doh! - everything’s back at 1. But I need them closed to setup the ‘open’ animation.

What is the best way to do this? Sequencer or blueprint. In blueprint I had problems with the various timing issues ( doors can’t close before steps are retracted etc ).

Grateful for any advice… :-/


not sure if this is any help, but it doesn’t appear the first anim is dynamic…

Thanks! - Yes, did see that one…