Problem with Youtube Tutorial

Hello World!

Picked up UE4 today, and I was looking forward to walking through the lovely youtube tutorials and getting started with blueprinting, but the videos don’t reflect what I’m seeing.

Are the videos out of date already, or am I doing it wrong?

For example…
In Tutorial 2, Turning on a light…
The narrator asks us to Select the hanging light, and on his screen, he’s selecting an actor named “PointLight1” and I’m selecting “Blueprint_CeilingLight”

From there on, it just doesn’t sync up…

Delete the one in the scene, add the Prop Downlight thing and a point light from the left hand side at the top.

In short, yes the tutorials are a little outdated but you should be able to work out how to work around them if you navigate around.

Hey Whatsup Sp4m!

Alright so, try selecting the light bulb icon - rather than the lamp itself. If you don’t see the icon, tap “g” to enter/exit game view mode.

The Blueprint_CeilingLight covers both, the lamp and the light. It´s a class blueprint which yo can use in your levels instead of creating a new one for every level you have.
Also, i think the tutorial use version 4.0 of unreal 4, you`ll probably have version 4.0.1

Thanks for the tips! I figured out that if I select “Blueprint_CeilingLight”, I could right click on the actor, and select “edit Blueprint_CeilingLight” this let me see the Point Light 1, and it’s various properties!

Onward towards glory, and education!