Problem with Youtube blueprint tutorials

Hey everyone, so I’m trying to learn blueprint and following the Youtube tutorials, but when I do what they do it doesn’t work. He got it to work but my pawn won’t do anything.

I have the same set up he does, I’ve check several times, is the code he is using out of date?

You haven’t actually explained what isn’t working or where your code breaks?

Well I’m sure lol, maybe it would help if I’m more specific.

I’m at 11:45 on the video. At this point what our AI controlled pawn should do is turn to its right.

  1. I have a nav mesh bounds volume placed and it’s painting the map green like it should.
  2. I have an actor named pathnode placed and it has a scene component and a billboard in its blueprint.
  3. I have the pawn with a variable named desirednode and its default desirednode is set to pathnode. I have created a new ai controller and named it NPCcontroller just so I wouldn’t get them confused. Its pawn ai controller class is set to NPCcontroller.
  4. Beginning code for NPCcontroller.
  5. Execute event beginplay white wire is plugged into cast to NPCcontroller.
  6. Function get controlled pawn return value blue wire is plugged into cast to NPCcontroller object plug.
  7. Cast to NPCcontroller white wire is plugged into set variable storedpawn
  8. NPCcontroller as NPCcharactor blue wire is plugged into set variable storedpawn.
  9. Set variable storedpawn white wire is plugged into function move to actor.
  10. Set variable storedpawn blue wire is plugged into variable desirednode.
  11. Variable desirednode blue wire is plugged into the goal of function move to actor.
  12. Function move to actor acceptance radius is set to 15.

When I press play, the pawn should turn to the right but it just stands there. When I try to trouble shoot it by opening NPCcontroller and pushing the play button in blueprint there is a yellow box around the event graph but no activity in the code. I wish I could tell you where I think the code is breaking but as I’m just learning to program, I have no earthly idea what’s wrong.