Problem with 'Your First Hour in Unreal Engine 5' Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Unreal Engine, and I am currently following the tutorial ‘Your First Hour in Unreal Engine 5’, however I am stuck on the module ‘Working with Additional Assets’

After making a change in my scene, I should be getting an asterisk appear next to my project name indicating I should save, however it does not appear.

Also when I navigate to my content browser, I should have a folder titled ‘ThirdPersonBP’, which i do not have. (no Blueprint folder at all…)

I’ve restarted the tutorial twice, assuming I missed something however i’ve followed it to the letter.

Am I missing something here? or is this step now redundant in UE5?

I am using Unreal Engine 5.0.0 and would greatly appreciate any tips.

Thank you!

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Even C++ projects have this folder as long as you created a project from a Template

When creating your project, did you select Game->Third Person->create?
If you did not select a project template, you may have just created a blank project, and you won’t have the GameName\Content\ThirdPerson\Blueprints\ folders

And yes, they still have the unsaved changes asterisk to warn you

Hi Akukiyo,

Thank you for confirming the above.
I did indeed select Games > Third Person > Create (with settings of Blueprint, Desktop, Maximum, Starter Content. Then gave the project a name before clicking create)

Asterisk Issue:
I have since installed UE5 on another computer and again I still see no asterisk next to the project name when i make a change in the scene. I did note that Autosave is on by default, but even disabling this, i still get no asterisk on either pc after making a change. I’m assuming this feature may have just been removed in the latest release? or maybe it’s simply a bug?

Missing Blueprint folder:
I believe the issue was with the tutorial afterall. In the tutorial there were 2 folders

  • ThirdPerson
  • ThirdPersonPB

I appeared to be missing the second folder, but it seems this was manually created by the tutorial creator thus why i didn’t have it. My Content Drawer looks just like yours and I can access the Blueprints and Maps folders correctly (Thank you for confirming this!)

I ended up abandoning the tutorial as the rest of it relates to loading a project from a previous tutorial (useless to absolute beginners such as myself) However I’ve now found a great one on youtube specific to learning UE5 from the ground up so hopefully i’ll be up to speed soon!

Thanks again,

Ok i’m seriously confused.

I’ve now followed 4 tutorials, all of which seem to show the asterisk appearing after a change has been made in UE5, as well as the two folders mentioned in my previous post. (I only see ThirdPerson, not the second folder titled ThirdPersonBP which i previously assumed was manually created)

I have spent the last 3 days searching countless forum posts, reinstalling Unreal 5.0.0 on multiple devices, and watching many tutorials. I cannot seem to resolve my two original issues.

If anyone can shed some light as to what i’m doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it!

All the best,