Problem with Windows 10 ver 1903 build 18362.592: Computer unresponsive after changing current level

This is driving me nuts. A couple of days ago Windows pestered me to install an update. Every time I do, I regret it. Is anyone else having trouble with Windows 10 ver 1903 build 18362.592? Windows is completely unresponsive for 10-20 seconds after I change current level in the editor. Any idea what’s causing it? I think I might undo the update tonight if this keeps up.

Yeah, these windows bugs can make one crazy. It’s because this I use UDK with my old and now (finally :D) unsupported Windows 7 (I wont get any new updates). Why don’t you try running UDK on a Windows 7 Virtual Machine? It may work without giving you any bugs nor crashes.

Good luck!

Cant help as my windows is 1709 build 16229.15(i have my updates blocked for years) but i hope it gets fixed soon.The fear i have passed after this one…-by-around-1-3

Does this happen on x64 build? The problem in the above link(now fixed by Microsoft) only plagued the 32 bit udk exe.Also did the gpu drivers auto updated with the win update?

I’m with O_and_N on this… In fact I feel its necessary to go even further… There’s an old rule which applies to software development, which says… Don’t develop on a moving platform. Forced updates turn your rig into a moving platform… Here is a comment I read on a Tech-Blog today:


The recent reports about the NSA disclosing a vulnerability was interesting for what it didn’t emphasize, which was, the vulnerability didn’t apply to older Windows versions. What happens the next time there’s a zero-day that the NSA decides not to share (which is their usual form). The truth is, whether its Win7 or Win10, protecting your rig is impossible whac-a-mole. Microsoft are using the end of Win7 support as a ‘marketing battering ram’ to get corporations to upgrade. But its a false flag op. Both OS continue to be vulnerable. And as Win7 market share slumps, Win10 will get the bigger target painted on its back… The only reason to use Win10 anyway is DX12, which UDK doesn’t support. So why bother…

I started unplugging production rigs a couple of years ago as my internet is shared between several people. So I don’t have control over how its used, and its the weakest link that always does you in. If billion dollar corporations can’t secure their rigs what chance do Indies have (Notpetya was particularly vicious). To me, its safer to airgap Win10 / Win7 rigs and just use expendable Linux boxes to connect to the net. Because the day you think the cloud will save you here, is the very day you’ll be doing a backup and that will get taken out too (killing years of Irreplaceable game dev possibly)… Plus with Windows-10 the battle is also around Privacy which is out of control (Clearview AI NYT article this week - WTF? :mad:).

Yes, I suffered many year with virus in Windows XP, to the point of having one computer for internet (with linux, debian), and my development computer (which I used to work in 3D Animations for TV Commercial) never connected to the internet.

Now, with Windows 7, I don’t have problem with virus, I can say that I even forget about viruses. I use Norton Internet Security for almost 7 years (I purchase anual license), and trully NEVER had problems with viruses once again.

I also don’t download too much stuff, and only navigate on “safe” websites.

The only problem with Norton is that many times it deletes files, like small programs I download, plugins for sotwares, even zipped files, which it “considers” as virus. But this is easy to fix, just setting up folders for exclusion from scanning, and you can always go to quarantine and restore these deleted items, and tell norton to never remove them again.


Interesting read… The last part is understated, but key. You gotta laugh at the sheer number of shallow celebrity websites that exist solely to host malware. Talk about adversarial internet and behavioral targeting! The problem is when others in your household or business aren’t so careful, or simply can’t be. Like when they’re forced to use locked down work computers that have vulnerable Java / Flash installed (because hey, there’s no funds to upgrade the software etc).

Overall, the last 5 years in the AV industry have been farcical, its just scandal after scandal. Can you rely on any of them? AVG / AVAST business model revolves around selling out user privacy. Trend Micro and McAfee have both been caught behaving like malware. Symantec/Norton + ESET and others have been called out for covering up flaws in their software and deflecting security audits. There’s an ongoing campaign against Kaspersky. It may be political, but who wants to risk it? Whose left… Malwarebytes… Their botched patching has bricked PC’s in the past, so they’re not blameless either… Did I forget anyone???

The key with Win7 is to shut down / turn-off unneeded Win7 Services / Processes, as it reduces the number of attack vectors.

What do you think of Sophos?

As mentioned, Avast-AVG getting caught selling their users out shows the entire AV industry is a mess.
It started years ago, and was captured in showstopping articles like this and this. So, what can you do?
Sophos has had less horror stories than the others maybe, but two that standout, don’toffer confidence.
So personally I prefer standalone offline Virus removers. If you can opt to airgap, you have more options.
As no AV will save you from insecure IoT devices on your desk / hacks against an unpatched ISP router. :stuck_out_tongue:

just leave updates off it will only make things worse. and windows 10 paired with udk probs isnt a good idea its more stable under 7 and supports it.