problem with window 10

Hello guys , I tried to install unreal engine on my PC , but I have a problem , once installed the epic game installer can not proceed further , the start but nothing happens , nothing not even an error message . Can anyone tell me how can I fix it? reading a bit around I saw that it is a problem of compatibility with Windows 10. thx

I have Windows 10 and it works fine for me. I’m not saying it isn’t the problem, just giving some feedback. I don’t know how to fix your issue but I recommend you look around some more for an answer.

Install windows 7, wait for windoze 10 problems to be fixed. Do not jump fast on every new windows released, or you are for some major pain usually. Wait for service pack 1, before making new windows your main oss. Until then play with it on dual boot or some older/spare pc.

True that.
I would suggest you wait for winblows 10.
It is most likely the buggiest OS I have EVER used.

And I still run Win ME…

But if you are still using it… Try uninstalling the launcher and reinstalling it. (And a good registry clean should help!)

Make sure you update your windows, force it to check if it doesn’t automatically update. I had the same issue with several programs right after I upgraded to 10 and some updates fixed it for me.

Not having any problems with Windows 10, though as far as the launcher is concerned it was installed before I upgraded. I’ve installed new versions of UE4 with it since then though and the launcher is still able to update properly.

If you seamlessly upgraded to Windows 10, I suggest you try a fresh install. I spent 2-3 days with problems from a seamless upgrade, and the fresh install fixed everything.