Problem with Widget's Zorder

Greeting, I am making an inventory system and I found a weird thing about my widgets.

I have an “InventoryWidget” and a “ThrowItemsWidget” where I choose how many items to throw from a stack. Both of these widgets are connected to a “MainWidget” where I put all the others. Everything works perfectly and I am able to perform every action that a player will need from a functioning inventory.

The thing is the Zorder works weirdly when I drag the Inventory Widget. Immediately after I drag the Inventory widget it will always appear on top of the ThrowItemsWidget no matter what. The same goes after I drop it somewhere. When I am closing and opening the inventory or the ThrowItemsWidget it continues to act like that. I have the ZOrder of the ThrowItemsWidget in on 1 and the Inventory’s ZOrder on 0. I tried multiple things but didn’t figure out a solution.

Can you help me find a way around it?